Gentlemen, start your engines! (Gestalten)

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Do you ever play the ‘what car would I have if I won the lottery?’ game? Even if you’re not that arsed about motors I bet you do as one of the first things we think of when it comes to the good life is owning a really nice car.

So if you do come into money or you just enjoy speculating on which particular model of  vintage Ferrari you’d plump for then I recommend you put your foot down and go get yourself a copy of Gestalten’s Gentlemen, start your engines!  Put together by clued up motor nut Jared Zaugg and legendary auction house Bonhams this hefty book features the classiest of classic cars from around the world and the fascinating stories that accompany them. From Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini to the family who discovered a 1937 Bugatti Coupe exactly as it’s owner had left it, over half a century ago! There’s enough here to entertain every level of car enthusiasts as well as those who just appreciate a nice bit of design or will employ any excuse to read about the mille miglia purely because of that coat.

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