Get Your Nan to Buy You These Socks

Look, if you’re seeing your Nan this Christmas, she’s only gonna go and buy you socks. You know the sensible thing to do? Intercept her purchase by sending her a link to one of these socks, where you can ensure that she’ll buy you a pair that you’ll actually wear. You know why there’s a huge pile of Marvel socks that you hate at the bottom of your sock draw? Because you didn’t take the active decision of getting there first. No one wants to operate on the backfoot – make sure both your feet are equipped in a proactive fashion with some of Terraces’ selection of socks. 

Striped Barbour Tartan socks: Classic, timeless, on sale – and, in two different colours. 

Feeling a bit grown up? Hugo Boss socks in black and grey/black striped, so you can pull off that Young Professional vibe to a T. 

White socks, black shoes. That’s a vibe, especially when the crossed legs pull the trousers up just enough to reveal that lil Lacoste croc. 

If your taste is menswear and your Nan loves splashing out, it’s a no-brainer: Paul Smith socks all the way. Paired perfectly with the Paul Smith toothbrush she bought you last year.

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