Gitman Vintage at Atoo

I’ve got a bit of a thing about collars. It’s the first thing I look at when I’m buying a shirt and the penny collar is my favourite. Peaky Blinders on BBC2 has inspired me lately and Cillian Murphy’s (real name Gillian, copyright Proper Facts) character Tommy Shelby has had some blinders (eh, eh!?) on in the series. Well, he might only have been wearing the one but you get my point. I’m not sure how authentic the accent is being a southerner, you’ll have to ask the boys at A Too (I once met a bloke from Middlesbrough who told me he loved Green Street and I also bumped into Marc Warren in a shit club in the West End and asked him “how the fuck did that bloke from Queer as Folk get the role of West Ham’s “top boy” when the cunt couldn’t do a cockney accent?”) but when the Shelby’s are getting up to general gangster shit they look sharp as fuck.

Speaking of A Too they’ve got some great shirts from Gitman Vintage with multi tasking button down penny collars. I love the navy & red, grey flannel and navy corduroy and they’re made in the USA with the quality you’d expect from Gitman, get them at

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