Glory Magazine


While the cream of Europe (and England) prepare to test themselves on the fields of France this summer, new football magazine Glory ( to shine stunning light on one of the outposts of European football. Calling Glory a football magazine doesn’t really do it justice, it’s part travelogue, part history book and a lot love story focussing on one of the continents more esoteric footballing nations. A truly beautifully realised piece of work, Glory exudes style and love from every page. Well-researched and written and complimented by some of the best football photography around, Glory is a treat for the soccer senses (and it smells divine…I know a lot of you are into that kinda thing).


In their own words – “Glory is a new football magazine with an ethos to put the ‘beautiful’ back in the beautiful game. We travel the world in search of alternative football cultures in the most remote, exotic or unusual destinations”.

I’m making the assumption that you like looking a photos of football stadiums. Who doesn’t tbh? There can be very few places in the world where the stadiums are in such beautiful, childlike and downright weird locations as the Faroes. If you fancy watching a goal-kick sail into the North Atlantic, Glory demonstrates beautifully that the Faroes Effodeildin is definitely the league for you. With a league table that reads like the track-listing of a Sigur Ros album, Faroese football as seen through the pages of Glory is absolutely fascinating and hopelessly romantic.


Glory are a team of designers, writers and photographers with a shared passion for the football, exploring the game beyond the Premier League, the Champions League and the World Cup, beyond Sky Sports and BT – beyond even the Football League and the major European club competitions. I can’t wait to see where they tip-up for their next mag. I hear the Kiribati league has had a good season.


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