Gloverall Monty Duffle Coat at Oi Polloi


Simon & Garfunkel once sang “The autumn winds blow chilly and cold,” and they were right – they do. However, there are ways to prevent such conditions from being a problem, and one of them is equipping yourself with a well-made coat that is composed mainly of wool.

Gloverall have been making such coats right here in Merrie Olde England since 1951. Stuff that looks wonderful and is made in England is very praiseworthy – unless of course it is being made by some cack-handed stooge, but that is most certainly not the case here as Gloverall have a strict no-cack-handed-stooges hiring policy.

Now, let us get down to brass tacks – or rather, wooden toggles. This Monty Duffle is named after Field Marshal Montgomery, who was an enthusiastic wearer of this sort of coat because it enabled him to wander round comfortably in adverse conditions, his hands resting in the large pockets as he made good war-winning decisions and said things like “I say,” and “No no, dear boy.”

Oi Polloi have gone for the two staple duffle coat colours here – navy and beige. One thing to bear in mind is that fit-wise it is a touch oversized – this I can only assume is Gloverall’s way of saying “Get an Oxford and a lambswool crew-neck worn under it, son.” And that would indeed be sound advice. Now, when you are ready to get one, here is where you want to be looking.

(No confirmation yet as to whether or not they are going to get some royal blue ones in for the Paddington Bear fanatics amongst us, but we can dream.)






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