Gloverall Monty Duffle Coat at Oi Polloi


Simon & Garfunkel once sang that “the autumn winds blow chilly and cold”, and they were right – they do. But there are ways to beat the bitter weather, such as getting a huge coat that’s made of wool.

Gloverall has been making such coats right here in Merrie Olde England since 1951. A long time.

Now, let us get down to brass tacks – or, rather, wooden toggles. This Monty Duffle is named after Field Marshal Montgomery, a big-time duffle advocate who swanned around feeling all cosy, saying things like “I say,” and “No no, dear boy.”

Oi Polloi has gone for the two staple duffle colours here: navy and beige. One thing to bear in mind is that, fit-wise, this coat is a touch oversized. Now, when you are ready to get one, here is where you want to be looking.





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