Gloverall S/S ’15


Gloverall?  Yeah, we know.  Great heritage brand from Britain who still show that traditional woollen duffle coats made for WW II mariners can be relevant today in these highfaluting fast fashion times.

All well and good for crisp, cold, halcyon winter days, walking hand in hand with your loved ones through the park as the snow flutters down; but a real bugger as the weather warms up and the heavy showers of Spring (and Summer) make their regular appearances.

Besides, we’re all about the modern now aren’t we? Heritage labels, living in and on the past, can do one.

Well my little, technical-fabric loving friends, Gloverall may just have something to surprise you.  Their Spring- Summer collection has just gone online, and shows a reworking of their classic pieces in a much more updated and tech-led way.

Still designed, developed and made in Britain, the firm have focused upon sourcing the best performance fabrics from here and Italy (resin-coated and Teflon layered cotton, super-light weight Advanced Polyester, PU mid-layer membranes, bonded triple layers) to produce a good looking, contemporary range that’ll keep you well dry and not have you ending up smelling like a damp dog.

3622_cp_navy3630_sc_stone3621_cps_tan3621_sc_stone3621_cps_navy3621_pp_print3632_pp_print(That In-House ‘camo’ might have been a bit much for old Monty.)


Check out some Look-Book images styled by David Hellqvist below, and head to the Gloverall site for the full range:










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