Gloverall x George Butler

Ahead of the cold snap I’ve gone and got myself a lovely beige Gloverall Monty duffle coat to keep the cold at bay and to make me look like I’m at least 23% more intelligent than I actually am. The only problem I now have is that it’s not quite cold enough yet for me to wear a nice woolly jumper of thick shirt underneath it so I’m finding myself still wearing t-shirts. Which I think you’ll find segues me seamlessly into these five new Gloverall tees that feature the tasteful artwork of George Butler whose incredible brushwork you may well recognise from high falutin type publications such as Monocle. Representing various different facets from the British brand’s rich history with the subject matter for these incredible watercolour designs ranging from World War II and British Motor Racing scenes to peacefully protesting Beatniks.
Buy a wearable work of art here.


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