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1418299214-20970600Listen up, Muttonheads. This cold, wet weather is a load of shite. Everybody has their #coat, hat and shoe game pretty much sorted but what about your hands? Too much cold, wind and rain can leave your hands with more chaps than a Millwall-West Ham cup tie. And once this chap-pens, pulling out a pocket sized tube of hand moisturiser isn’t the strongest look going and it also means the damage is already done. Prevent this by pre-emptively picking up a pair of these new gloves or mittens from Liquor Store. Try saying that with a mouthful of turkey leftovers.

Anyway, there are some fingerless Muttonhead ones made in Canada – the land of maple syrup, where they know a thing or three about coping with actual cold weather, not this rainy nonsense we deal with. Exposed finger tips means you can still actually do stuff without taking them off. Clever. And that is possibly the best brand name I’ve ever heard.

There’s some Raised By Wolves wool gloves with deer skin palms. Deer skin. Actual deer skin. So insert your own puns about the cost not being too dear or reindeers or whatever.

And there are also my personal favourites; some mittens by Universal Works. Mittens! Remember them? They’re like socks for your hands. These are proper adult ones though so you’ll have to add your own string to go inside your sleeves.

And finally, if your Aunty Elsie has been particularly generous with the contents of this years Christmas card, there are some serious choices to be made from the expert hands of Red Wing and Filson.

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