Good Measure ‘Project Indigo’

Good Measure are without a doubt one of our favourite brands, whenever they make a new sweat or tee they always get it spot on as a result of their combined passion for well made, superb looking gear that’s made in England. For their latest project they’re creating a heavy-weight M-21 sweatshirt and M-2 tee made from an incredible indigo yarn that will improve with age and gently fade like high quality denim does. To get hold of one of these very special and super limited garments Good Measure have set up a kickstarter project with a variety of pricing options staring with a beer mat designed by Trevor Johnson for a couple of quid right up to £200 for ‘The Full English’.  It’s an amazing brand and a fantastic concept that we can’t recommend enough, so go ahead and get involved with Project indigo.






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