Good Measure Sweatshirts at Peggs and Son


A GOOD sweatshirt’s not just a choice in your abundantly filled MFI wardrobe or drawer it’s a bloody necessity.

And when I say GOOD, I don’t just mean ‘GOOD’ as in run o’ the mill, standard, shrink after first wash, high-street purchase.  

I mean ‘GOOD’ as in GREAT.

So maybe that lot down the road at Good Measure should change their moniker to Great Measure (hey, hey?) ’cause as you probably know by now (or at least you will when new issue Proper 15 lands on your doormat) we’re ‘all over’ Good Measure and their wares here.

It’s not just because they’re from the NorthWest (it is a bit).

Not just because they make some of the best sweats currently known to men – or women; we’re ‘right on’ here at Proper (it is a bit).

Not just because they make them in small, limited runs in the traditional way (it is a bit).

Not even because they’ve named one of their pieces after the Big-Mac Daddy himself Shirley *raises hands above head, claps slowly and chants* “EASY, EASY, EASY” Crabtree (it is, a lot!)

Brighton based clothing stalwarts Peggs & Son happen to have just had stock of three of Good Measure‘s sweats in full size runs:

Grey Melange and Bitter Blue (both in 350gsm loop back jersey)

and a heavy-weight version the ‘Shirley Crabtree‘ (in same loopback jersey cotton fabric this time in 470gsm).


Get yourself ‘measured’ up and get one…’else I’ll be doing a  Giant Haystacks-like ‘Elbow Drop’ or ‘Standing Splash’ on you. Alright?


Available now at PEGGS & SON



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