‘GOOD’ Sweatshirts from Good Measure


We’ve told you before about the sweatshirt good works being done by our good pals at Good Measure; and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by others.  As well as extending their stockist lists (already burgeoning with some of this country’s finest stores like Oi Polloi and Peggs & Son) to include Kazuki’s own Heather Grey Wall store (K.K. is partial to donning their sweats as he goes about his wide ranging design endeavours) they’ve been hard at work making their heavyweight sweats even ‘GOODer‘.

Following the recent release of their M-21 Sweat in both ‘Gilbert Grape‘ and ‘Soylent Green‘ colours; the Ancoats Artisans have announced a super-limited run of Logo Sweatshirts, in the same 2 colours. Think an updated version of a sweat the best looking sports Jock in a 50’s Mid-West college woulda worn, and you’ll be about there (you just need a bubble-gum blowing, varsity jacket-wearing honey on your arm now and you’re ‘good to go’).

By using water based inks to produce the hand screened prints, the ‘GOOD‘ logos are naturally going to fade and age over time….not till they become ‘BAD‘, just even more ‘GOOD‘.  The more you love it the better it’s going to look.

Put this alongside the fact they’re made in England from the same heavyweight, 460g loopback jersey cotton, with the double thickness ribbed side and neck inserts as the original M-21‘s and you’ve a sweatshirt made to last.




You’re going to need to be sharpish though. A highly limited release, you’ve only got until midnight of the 13th February 2015 to get one of these ordered.

So fix up and look sharp (and GOOD).

Good Measure

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  1. a re-run of the earlier grey ones with the small “good” logo on the upper chest is what`s required…..not liking the big logo ones and the plain ones are just a little too…. plain.

  2. Christian Hilton

    If you don’t fancy the logo ones, go the un-logo’d standard ones.

    They are the bees-knees of sweats, nqat.

  3. Loving the quality and weight, just wish they didn’t have ‘good’ written on them.

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