GOOPiMADE DP-1 Half Sleeve Shirt

This Thing of Ours are one of only a handful of stores out there who are on a continuous quest to bring something new and exciting to the menswear table. The latest amazing brand to graces their shelves is GOOPiMADE, a Taiwanese brand whose names translates as ‘doing things your own way’ whose designs are inspired by their time spent in the armed forces. Part of the Goopi goods on offer at This Thing of Ours includes this amazing oversized, short sleeve DP-1 shirt that has some really strong ‘Rebel Alliance on Endor’ vibes going on. Made from a newly developed lightweight nylon that mimics waxed cotton t’s also been coated with Teflon which means that it’s super durable and waterproof too.

Buy a GOOPiMADE DP-1 Shirt from This Thing of Ours here.


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