Gosha Rubchinskiy AW18

Look at that coat. Look how massive and white that coat is. Look at that half-zip thing we do and appreciate how fucking beautiful that coat is. Beautiful, beautiful coats. Lovely, tasty coats.

It’s our man Gosha Rubchinskiy’s AW18 collection that was shown off at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre, Russia, this week and it’s mint. The collection is a walk through of the country’s former president Boris Yeltsin’s tenure, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a glimpse into one of those Shoreditch Instagram parties.

This, though, is Gosha continuing his exploration of Russian youth styling and the culture that surrounds it. It features a mega collaboration with Burberry, a continued hook up with adidas, as well as Levi’s and Dr. Martens.

Check out more of the gear below and pay very close attention to some of the knife-and-fork haircuts that feature throughout and that mad adidas barnet the fella below has. Proper Russian. Can’t wait for the World Cup.


Absolutely well into house plants.

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