Gourmet Autumn/Winter ’14 at Street Casuals

Gourmet this, gourmet that. All bloody gourmet artisan street food lately, innit? I’m telling you, these days, you get arrested and thrown in jail just for serving a burger on a plate instead of in a basket or on an old piece of slate. The world’s gone gourmet mad; but if you eat too many of those fancy burgers you’re gonna have to do some serious miles to make sure your Petit Standards still fit. And we know what you’re like, you won’t want to do it any old pair of shoes. These Gourmet shoes at Street Casuals are perfect for those who fancy a little ramble but aren’t into old-man-orthapedic shoes or something that Action Man would wear.

Designed by none other than Greg Lucci (helped set up adidas Originals, worked with Supreme), Gourmet combines a range of different looks from hiking to basketball to street wear. Basically they complete the following equation; Actual Serious Purpose X Athletic Soles X Fashunz = #Menswear. Plus they’re pretty hikerdelic, right?

With shades of some very ‘of their time’ Rockport – but in a good way – the Gaetano WR mixes a hiking boot with a running sole that looks like posh vanilla ice cream good enough to eat. Failing that they would definitely keep your feet warm in the coming colder months.

Gourmet 3

Gourmet 4

The 35 Cork LX is made using imported Italian cork – yep, you heard – and gives unbeatable comfort, partly thanks to the ZX/Gel Lyte-ey type midsole and looks class with the black and blue suede trim and toe piece. So put a cork in it, these are proper corkers! HA HA HA HA!


Gourmet 5

Gourmet 6


Lastly, the Corridore. Designed for trial running, these are best suited for running up and down hills not up and down corridors. There’s so much going on here it’s hard to know where to look first… but it works. Heavy duty ankle protection and lace ups with another jogger sole and suede details we’re all familiar with. Yep, well played Gourmet.



Best get some suede protector ordered because you aren’t really going to go fell running in them are you and you don’t want to be getting drink stains all over these, so keep ’em looking fresh. Get stuck in over at Street Casuals now.

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