Gramicci and SOPHNET. Clean up Utility

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Japan’s SOPHNET. has teamed up with Gramicci for the production of an incredibly sophisticated three item capsule. 

The capsule starts quite humbly with a Band Collar shirt, in tripes, navy and pure white. The collarless shirt has a wide hem for a baggy fit, while pleats at the back provide shape. 

Secondly, and building on Gramicci’s capacity for making absolutely excellent trousers, is a pair of Ventilation Pants made of Cordura wool. The wool is blended with polyester and polyamide for wrinkle-resistance and durability. Gramicci’s signature webbing belt adorns the waistline, while above the knee, mesh-lined zip vents allow for temperature control. 

Lastly: the ultimate compliment to the ventilation pants, the humbly named SOPHNET. Coat. A long, oversized and unlined trench-style coat, made of entirely the same material as the pants. It is the epitome of sophisticated utilitarianism.

Browse the collaboration now at Gramicci’s site.

Gramicci x SOPHNET.  

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