Grayson Perry (updated and expanded): Jacky Klein

Grayson Perry

Art historian Jacky Klein has put together the perfect compilation of Turner prize winning, baby doll nightie wearing, mad as fuck vase maker man Grayson Perry.  Whether (like me) you’ve been a fan of his work for a while now or if you’ve never heard of the mad bugger you’re guaranteed to be surprised, entertained and dare I say it even shocked by the scintillating pages of this brilliant book. As well as Jacky’s well knowledgeable input Mr Perry himself provides plenty of commentary on his wild and wonderful works of art, from AK wielding transvestism to sexualised country cottages via a teddy bear deity called Alan measles, this reader is provided with many if not all of the answers to the many, many questions Grayson’s spellbindingly unique work throws up.





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  1. Aye, he’s barking but clever with it, his docs on the class system showed the hypocrisy in all strands, so there !

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