Haglöfs Turns Black Friday Upside Down!

Since 2016 legendary Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs have been doing something ‘a bit different’ on Black Friday. This year they’ve decided to go without the flow by doubling the price on all clothing and gear in their brand stores with any revenue getting donated to Naturskyddsföreningen (the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation). Re-named ‘Green Friday’ they’ll also be closing down their online store for the day. Elaine Gardiner, Haglöfs Head of Sustainability explains further: “By increasing our prices, we want to draw attention to the problem of large-scale discounting to drive sales on days such as Black Friday. We ask consumers to think about who is really paying for a bargain when products start to costs less than the cost of production.” So head down to your nearest Haglöfs store this Friday and make the most of this unique 1 for 2 offer!


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