Grind London December’12 Drop

I don’t know much about Grind London but seeing as they sent me a link to a Color Me Badd video and they’ve got our mate from Garbstore modelling their threads, then they’re alright in my book. Their last ‘drop’ of the 2012 consists of four button down shirts and three printed t-shirts. Each shirt featuring depicting various styles from around the world, including the ‘Ashkii’ shirt (Native American print), ‘Udo’ (African print), ‘Eiko’ (Japanese print), and ‘Dave’ (origin unknown). The screen-printed t-shirts include two white shirts (‘Greyscale’ and ‘When it’s over’) and the ‘Perspective’ t-shirt in black. Now if you don’t mind I have to go and sex someone up….


Collection available via online store and selected stockists from 12pm, 08.12.2012


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