Haglöfs Leftover Mimic Mittens & Moccasins

How cold is it? Bloody freezing innit? Well we have some great news with regards to keeping your extremities warm this winter thanks to the progressive outdoor brand Haglöfs. Remember the Leftover sleeping bags that those clever Swedes made earlier this year using surplus materials from their other products? Well they’re back this season with some more Leftover goodness in the form of some high spec moccasins and mittens.

Designed to keep wind and water out and warmth in both moccasins and mittens have been made using the same professional quality fabrics and premium synthetic insulation as Haglöfs’ mountain activity gear. Constructed from Pertex Quantum polyamide fabric with blown-in synthetic Essens Mimic insulation the 30D Pertex shell is recycled and treated with a fluorocarbon-free DWR for extra protection. Designed to mimic all of the uniquely warming properties of down whilst being capable of withstanding exposure to moisture far more effectively than traditional down.

Here’s what head of innovation at Haglöfs Sofia Jönsson has to say on the latest Leftover release: “The material trimmings left over when we cut the pieces for our garments come in all kinds of colours, so for the Leftover concept, it felt as if the smartest thing to do was to use this to our advantage. As a result, these mittens and moccasins are made with a brightly-coloured, unique patchwork pattern – like the sleeping bag that we launched Leftover with “

Shop the Haglöfs Leftover Mimic Mittens & Moccasins here.


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