Haglöfs Roc Nordic GTX Pro Jacket

Behold the greatest jacket in it’s field (or should that be mountain?), the Roc Nordic GTX Pro from Swedish outdoor legends Haglöfs. Designed for the harsh and unforgiving demands of the Nordic landscape it’s constructed from a combination of THREE different Gore-tex membranes placed just where you need them. Resulting in a jacket that’s rugged and hard wearing over the shoulders, nice and stretchy on the back panels and super breathable around the body. Whilst the double ventilation system on both sides takes comfort levels to maximum without getting in the way of your backpack. Packed with impressive tech features the Roc Nordic GTX Pro features water repellent zippers throughout, a laminated and stowable peaked hood, a RECCO reflector and an emergency chest pocket that’s insulated with Primaloft Aerogel to keep your electronic devices safely in. Oh and it’s also got a cord adjuster on the waistband for those of you who like to bowl around town in the world’s best technical jacket with your middle tucked in nice and tight.

Buy a Haglöfs Roc Nodic GTX Pro Jacket here.

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