Haglöfs V Series Raw Anorak

Legendary Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs have released the second product from their innovative, standalone V Series concept. Created in 2017 as a platform to showcase their expertise, knowledge and progressive attitudes towards design and technology it’s also a handy excuse to make something really, really good. True to form their latest product the V Series Raw Anorak does not disappoint. A fully taped, un-dyed and fluorocarbon free, 3-layer anorak built using Haglöfs own PROOF material technology. It’s a striking piece of wind and water-proof clothing designed to handle tough outdoor environments due to being made from recycled nylon fabric held together by VECTRAN. A nylon thread previously only used for cables in deep-sea diving exploration where durability and strength can mean the difference between life and death.

I was lucky enough to travel over to Swedish lapland last week to field test the Raw Anorak in it’s natural (very cold) environment and got to meet senior designer for Haglöfs Jenny Kjellboom. As we stood by a roaring fire in the woods, drinking lingonberry juice she explained in depth about how much work and passion has gone into the project and what makes the Anorak so special beneath it’s impressive exterior. It was great to hear from someone directly involved with the project and alongside getting to hike up a mountain actually wearing one it was an incredible way to discover more abut the anorak. What really stood out for me is that for a smock design it was incredibly breathable and comfortable, with zips and pockets in all the right places. As well as being designed not to make annoying rustling noises when you move about Jenny also informed me that cleaning the anorak in a washing machine actually improves the functionality of the jacket. Which again is another huge plus factor for someone as messy as me who can never be bothered to re-treat jackets or take them to the dry cleaners. This is a truly incredible piece of outdoor kit that is now my ‘go to’ jacket whether I’m heading back out to the Northern Sweden or just the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

The V series Raw Anorak comes in unisex sizing (S – XL) and is launched in a limited edition from 15.11.18. Available from Haglöfs own stores and online as well as through selected retailers: including Très Bien (Malmö), Slam Jam (Milan), Firmament (Berlin) and Norse Store (Copenhagen).

Photo Credit: lamernordique.com


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