Han Kjøbenhavn at Oi Polloi


No, I still don’t actually know how to say it either but I do know that these are some are the best things we’ve seen so far this week. And we all know what the other two things are, don’t we? The first is Kate Upton. At this point some people may want to credit the absolute nerds who got hold of said pictures, which Proper Mag would like to officially point out is pretty out of order, if we are being honest (for the record, if she is reading) and also I personally have no interest in looking at such things (for the record, if She is reading). The second thing I mentioned which many of us have enjoyed looking at with our eyes, and I most definitely can openly state I have enjoyed this one, is Gomorrah. So, let us get back to Han Kjøbenhavn and their selection on offer at Oi Polloi.

If you aren’t already watching Gomorrah then these shiny bubble jackets should just sway you to do so. For those in the dark about this show, it’s the contemporary story of the Neapolitan mafia; the power struggles, the corruption, the violence, the drugs, the money, the food, the women and – most importantly – some fucking amazing styling. Shout to the Sky Italia wardrobe department. It’s like when you watch Arsenal play Napoli away on a Tuesday night and spend an hour and a half watching the Italian fans stood there, mobbed up, decked out in dead good bubble jackets, looking proper moody – but transformed into the best mob drama since The Sopranos.

The show’s main man, Circo, has a jacket just like this blue one and spends a lot of his time looking cool and drinking little coffees made in them fancy metal stoves on a gas hob. And, whilst wearing this jacket, he survives being blown up in a cafe, has mad skills with a machine gun and regularly carries a holdall full of Euros. Not saying this jacket will definitely allow you to do all that but I’m willing to watch you try and find out.

Besides Cosa Nostra bubble jackets, there’s some mentally brilliant heavyweight digi-camoflage overshirt jacket things. I’m close to turning the heating off and just sitting here wearing one with all the windows open. Apparently there’s a heatwave coming but when there’s wool shirts like these on offer Autumn can’t come soon enough. For something a little less magic-eye but still with a subtle print in there, look at this military shirt an’ all.

Lastly, there’s some sweat gear for all you serious denimz headz out there. Lounging around the house or nipping to ALDI on a Sunday and want that soft comfortable cottony jogger goodness but can’t tear yourself away from those raw denim fadez? Look no further.

The only thing left is to practice your Danish accent; Han K-yourben-haven? Han Kyour-ben-harven? Han Kjø-ben-harv’n. That’s it; Han Kjø-ben-harv’n.

Ah, fuck it, check out that Han Kobenwhatsit stuff at Oi Polloi.

blue bubble back blue bubble close blue openoliveolive openblue checkgrey checkblue overshirtblue pantsnavy pantsnavy sweatsweat blue

Oi Polloi

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