Han Kjøbenhavn SS13

Dunno if you’ve watched the SS13 collection video on the Han Kjøbenhavn website? The film itself is directed by Han’s fellow countryman, photographer and filmster Caspar Balslev who has been invited back to direct a third film for the Danish outfitters. True to form Balslev manages to be bleak, ethereal and fantastical all in the space of three minutes and eight seconds. If you have got a bit of time to spare his website is well worth taking a look at… If you understood the film and would be willing to provide a ten minute presentation on what it means then full marks. If you didn’t really get it but are pretending to then that’s terrific, you’ll get found out one day. I had a watch and saw a few cool old blokes, one with a tip top barnet and the other was probably Lovejoy’s brother (although that’s yet to be verified), some underground fighting between some chaps with furry animals on their heads, ducks and a couple of nice girls. You know the sort of girls you’d like to buy a glass of the house red? Not simple me, honest. Alright, ok I’ll come clean, I fully understand the film but I’m not telling you.

Han Kjøbenhavn isn’t just the purveyor of fine sunglasses but also coats, shirts and other nice bits of clothing. This is of course wonderful as you can never have enough of either really can you, especially if they’re Scandinavian. Han Kjøbenhavn have got some exceedingly good garms this season, perfect if you’ve got your heart set on looking like a member of the Perestroika era Russian Mafia or a turn of the twentieth century US chain gang prisoner.


Dix Neuf Sconnert jacket

Dix Neuf Sconnert jacket

You’ve just stepped out of your black Mercedes W140 and walked up to the machine with a few coins in your hand ready to pay and display. The watching traffic warden knows full well you’re a man not to be trifled with. He presents you with a free ticket, barely able to engage you in eye contact and tells you that “you needn’t pay today, Sir.” He gives you a knowing nod and walks off. Little does Wayne the Warden know you’re actually an accountant from Clitheroe who contributes monthly to Friends of the Earth, he’s fully convinced himself that you’re some bad type who ran off with a slice of Mother Russia’s wealth in the 90’s and Count Yevgeny Dvoskin as one of your closest friends. Powerful coat this.


Army Shirt (Prison Stripe)

Han Kjøbenhavn  Army Shirt (Prison Stripe)

This is one is a constant fixture for Han Kjøbenhavn, welcomed back each year with open arms and long may the tradition continue. Does this mean today’s prison uniforms will be celebrated one day and worn without even a hint of irony and just because they look good, probably not. The fit is fairly boxy with single ticket pocket and chest pocket.  Looks brilliant worn as an overshirt or as a regular shirt.




Worker Crew (Orange Nap Yarn)

Han Kjøbenhavn Worker Crew (Orange Nap Yarn)

A welcome change from the plethora of grey or blue sweatshirts there seems to be about at the moment. Made from some very soft cotton in a rather fetching colour with a subtle speckled effect, what’s not to like?


Army Shirt (Duck)

Han Kjøbenhavn Army Shirt (Duck)

Fancy being mistaken for an off duty gun-wielding soldier failing to adjust to banal civilian life decked out in civvies? Or would you just like a bit of classic well fitting work wear? It doesn’t really matter if you’re imaginative and like pretending to be people you’re not or just have good taste, buy it.


Hauss Amber


Writing about Han Kjøbenhavn and not including anything about sunglasses would be a bit weird, a bit like, well erm you know…*thinks of witty simile*. So I decided to do the right thing and pick out a rather splendid pair of sunglasses. Nice pair of eye defenders. Don these and get looks from nice girls, honest.


By Greg Atkins

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