Han Kjøbenhavn Sunglasses at Oi Polloi

Seeing as we’re looking at working from home for the foreseeable future we may as well make like a cat and do our business in the garden. Get yourself a deckchair, a laptop and a pair of shades and hey presto you’re officing al fresco! Actually I’m going to put a fleece on too as it’s a bit fresh today but the sun is still shining so I’m glad I’ve got some decent Danish shades to hand. If you’re in the market for some outdoor office eyewear then Oi Polloi have just taken delivery of some ace Han Kjøbenhavn sunglasses in a variety of different shapes and tones with acetate frames and swanky Carl Zeiss lenses. I just hope I haven’t missed the ASDA driver whilst I was Skyping Jeff Linton….

Buy a pair of Han Kjøbenhavn sunglasses from Oi Polloi here.


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