Hanon and adidas Link to Pay Respects to Working Men’s Clubs

It’s not something you’d expect a shoe to commemorate, but then again, shoes, silhouettes and colourways draw inspiration from a variety of unexpected places.

Hanon and adidas original’s latest release, the Original EQT Race Walk, draws inspiration from, and pays homage to, traditional working men’s clubs. 

“Sadly in decline,” declares Hanon, with “the existing ones often feeling like a time capsule to a bygone era. From the classic pub carpet to the ’70s styling and the disco lights, the clubs retain a charm and character that offer an insight into something uniquely British.”

The Race Walk was first issued in 1991, making 2021 its first time returning to the market. HANON’s reissue of the EQT Race Walk takes aesthetic inspiration from the working-class community hub that it’s celebrating. Rich brown corduroy and suede uppers are emblematic of  the carpets, snooker tables, dart boards and function rooms so synonymous with working men’s clubs. A splash of colour, found in the neon-bright orange serrated three stripes, stands out like a glittering disco ball, while the insoles offer more comfort than a Wetherspoon’s carpet. 

Hanon is launching the shoe through a raffle, ending on November 12th. Head to their site for the chance to win.

HANON x adidas EQT Race Walk ‘Working Men’s Club’

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