Hanon Tupack Socks

It’s all well and good wearing a brand new, boxfresh pair of super limited trainers but if you match them up with a cheap pair of socks you’ve killed the entire vibe. So don’t take any precautions and hook yourself up with some Tupack action and I’m not talking about downloading ‘All Eyez on Me’. Tupack is the witty name of the double drop pack of socks from those footwear gods Hanon. Offering a block and striped option in each pack there are three different colours to choose from with each pair bearing the appropriate Hanon flame logo and their name on the bottom just so everybody in the soft play area or round that posh house with new carpets gets to know what time it is when you take you well expensive trainers off.

Buy a pair of Tupack socks from Hanon here.


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