Happy Mondays Documentary, the Making of Bummed

It’s safe to say that if Proper were a band it would be very similar to the early Mondays (maybe with a bit of Shalamar and John Shuttleworth thrown in). They’re a band we have proper loved since we first got bummed by them back in the eighties (ooh err). So imagine our joy when we found out (cheers Glenn K.) that some altruistic music lover has uploaded this ace Granada documentary on the making of their pivotal album. Made  just before Manchester turned into a musical theme park for the next decade. Watch and enjoy these innocent days long before ipods, downloading, tweets and ice white veneers…


  1. fugate starkweather

    Can anyone tell me what make of coat Paul Ryder is wearing in the photo?

  2. There’s something dead funny about using Factory & The Mondays in a schools programme telling kids how to run a business.

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