Happy Valentine’s Day from Icon Brand! A chance to win our hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, especially to those of you who are still looking for love and/or a really cool candle. To celebration this loved up day, we’re giving you the chance to literally win our heart. To be in with the chance of winning one of three (anatomically correct and therefore very macho) heart shaped candles from Icon Brand in blinged out gold or ice cold white. Just post a funny valentines rhyme or message in the comments section below and the three that make us blow tea out of our nose with laughter the most will get to win our hearts!






  1. Chris
  2. Michelle
  3. Ja
  4. Mark Lawton
  5. Drew Guy
  6. pope benedict
  7. Swiss James
  8. Thy pope
  9. Mark Smith
  10. Johnny Hall
  11. Swiss James
  12. Swiss James
  13. Swiss James
  14. Swiss James
  15. Swiss James
  16. Swiss James
  17. jabel
  18. Amnesia?
  19. Metaphor Romantic
  20. Josef Fritzl
  21. Oscar
  22. A bad man
  23. Jimmy Saville
  24. Dave Lee Travis

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