Harry’s ‘Football’s Other Guys’

With news reaching us this week that football stadiums are set to open their doors for the first time in what feels like forever, it’s particularly poignant that men’s care brand Harry’s have released this video off the back of their fantastic ‘Football’s Other Guys’ initiative.

‘Football’s Other Guys’ was a campaign launched back in February by the men’s grooming brand in a bid to shift attention from those in the upper echelons of the game and empower those at a grassroots level. Unlike professional football, where there has never been more money, most grassroots teams rely on the kindness of volunteers and local funding to keep the proverbial ball in play.

Through their own extensive research, Harry’s established the importance of team sport and its positive effect on men’s mental health. In a year where local communities and exercise have been a saving grace for more than most, Harry’s are now giving back to those people by investing money where it matters.

Instead of pumping thousands into a flash hoarding at a Premier League ground, Harry’s launched a competition to offer one lucky team the chance to win a club changing room makeover and a sponsorship worth £32K.

The huge inequality in the British game is something Harry’s want to address, as talk of a European super league rumbles on, the selfishness of those at the top of the footballing pyramid has become apparent. In stark contrast to this, the number of people competing at a Sunday league has fallen off a cliff, a figure that’s been made immeasurably worse by the current pandemic.

Exercise was something the government were keen to promote even during the period of full restrictions. It’s not just about the physical benefits, working up a sweat brings, but also the social and mental pluses that play a huge role in improving men’s mental health. Whilst other brands continue to plough money into to the opposite end of the game, Harry’s were keen to shift the attention and use what would be traditionally used as marketing budget as a force for good at a grassroots level.

On 4th September, Harry’s announced that their overall winner was Gossoms End FC, an amateur club from Hertfordshire. Check out the video above to see how Harry’s transformed their facilities and provided a bit of much needed hope in these uncertain times.

“Gossoms End FC are absolutely delighted, and incredibly excited to have won this prize! We have maintained the pavilion since the late 80s, and although everything is in working order, the decor and facilities have remained very much in that decade! Thanks to Harry’s and the Football’s Other Guys competition we’ll now have an amazing facility that will be used and enjoyed by us and our opponents for years to come. This has really helped to secure the long-term future of the football club and we’re hugely grateful to Harry’s, Dacorum Borough Council and Anyways for their parts in this.”
George Guest, Gossoms End FC Team Manager.

Such as their commitment to the initiative, Harry’s also continued their support by supplying 5 runner up teams with their own unique kits and playing equipment. The winners included St Helens Beacon Walking FC, Wanderers FC, Wakefield Athletic, Aintree Villa AFC and Hartlepool Tech. Saving clubs up and down the UK a significant chunk of money and allowing the game to become more accessible.

You can learn more about Harry’s great work here.

Photography : GG Archard and Stefan Ferrol

Design : @anywayscreative

Production : @commissioned_by_you


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