Christmas Made-to-Measure: Levi’s® Lot No.1


If you’re a bonafide selvedge-head of the highest calibre then pray to the good lord above that this year one of your presents is a denim wallet bearing the Levi’s Lot No.1 leather patch. Because if it does my finely frayed friend then you’ll have just gotten your lucky self the golden Willy Wonka ticket of jeans. Which entitles the owner to a consultation with Savile Row-trained Levi’s master tailor Elizabeth Radcliffe and culminates in owning a pair of bespoke, personalised, jeans made to your exact specifications. Or to neatly detail this dreamy denim day in bullet points and tasteful photography…



  • At the Lot No.1 workroom on Regent Street you meet up with the master tailor who offers a choice of denim, rivets, buttons, thread colours and styles.
  • The base cut is then selected from a choice of mid, high or low rise.
  • The master tailor measures and fits each pair of jeans according to the customer’s wishes.
  • Once the detailed measuring process is complete, a personalised pattern is cut for each customer and kept on file for future orders.

LOT 1 (5)

  • The five different weights and colours used for Lot No.1 are amongst the best in the world.
  • The customer can create something in tune with their own aesthetic, from 1970s pale blue through to workwear indigo.
  • Time to choose the fabric and topstitch style, then select from 20 different thread colours, 13 different patches (12 leather and one vegan) and two styles of button and rivet in seven different finishes. Even the colour of the stitching on the care label is selected under consultation.
  • Jeans are constructed in a precise order, using distinct machines for each step: back pockets, yokes, centre backs, front pockets, heat transfer pocket bags, front fly, legs, waistband, leather patch, belt loops, rivets and buttons, hem and final press.
  • Each pair of Lot No.1 jeans is handmade in the Levi’s Regent Street store, marked uniquely as ‘editioned’, presented in hand-crafted packaging, and retails at £500 (with further pairs from the same pattern are available for £450 )
  • The turnaround from consultation to delivery takes approximately two weeks.

LOT 1 (3)


Pretty good huh? In fact, hang on a minute, I’m getting me pen out….. Dear Santa, I’ve been pretty good this year, I’ve not washed my jeans at all and have worn jogging bottoms and chinos only on a handful of occasions. So please, please, please can I have a pair of the best jeans in the world ever?



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