Henri Lloyd AW13 ‘Modern Day Pioneers’

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Yes I know it’s a great thing being able to walk out of your front door and feel like you’ve relocated to Ibiza but Jesus H Christ is this heat wave making me miss wearing coats. You too? Come on then, let’s all wish the summer away as we gaze dreamily at some highly technical, Manc, outerwear together. Celebrating 50 years of pioneering, sailing spirit Henri Lloyd have pulled all the stops out for their AW13 range both in terms of the product and their campaign. The ‘Modern Day Pioneers’ series features David Cooper’s powerful landscape photography shot in the Shetland Islands and reflecting Henri Lloyd’s marine heritage, complimenting fashion photographer Steve Harries’ atmospheric lifestyle imagery rather nicely. So brave this oppressive heat my sun-phobic brethren as those long nights will soon be drawing in and thanks to HL we’ll all be much, much cooler.

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