Hentsch Man Grid Harlow bomber jacket

Grid Harlow. Grid Harlow. Grid Harlow.

I have to keep writing it because when I first write it down the words ‘Geri Haliwell’ keep appearing and when I say it out loud I keep coming-out with ‘Gary Barlow’. I don’t know what’s up with me tbh. It’s getting me in a state. I wouldn’t be in a state if I wore one though (See that? Liquid-linkage). As a name Harlow Grid would roll off the tongue a bit easier, though that makes it sound like an Essex new towns electricity system. Must be a bastard choosing names for stuff.



Despite the 90’s pop-icon pickle it keeps getting me into, the Grid Harlow bomber jacket from Hentsch Man is worth it, being a classically suave bomber jacket that, while you wouldn’t wear it in a Lancaster flying over the Bay of Biscay you could definitely wear just about anywhere else.

Founded by Alexia Hentsch and Max Von Hurter, Hentsch Man initially missed a trick in my book by taking Alexia’s name and putting ‘Man’ after  it, rather than taking Max’s, putting it before it and calling it  ‘Man Hurter’ (snigger. Soz). Their original quest was the creation of the perfect white shirt and whilst their horizons have since widened by Winstone proportions, the Grid Harlow jacket feels principally like a quest for similar singular, structured perfection.

harlow_bomber_1Available directly from  the Grid Harlow is a classically constructed classic bit of classicism that ticks more boxes than a Lebara salesman on the weekend with a six-colours-in-one pen, I could wax-lyrical about the 100% cotton construction, exquisite fitting and late 60’s retro-furturist Teutonic vibes but really you just need to look at the pictures.




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