Hentsch Man ‘Bomber & Sailing Jackets’

sail_jacket_yellowBit of a double whammy here from those talented folk over at Hentsch Man to help those of you currently mulling over jackets at the moment. First up is their Sail jacket, a lightweight, fully lined, water-resistant cotton number that is available in coral, navy, yellow and maroon (*resists making joke about getting marooned*). The ideal bit of kit for a layered up country stroll that will see you right through to the Spring when you finally set sail for sunnier climes and start wearing it with shorts. Then of course there’s the Hentsch Man flight jacket or the ‘bomber’ as these stylishstaples are known round our way. In my opinion this is the perfect jacket for the dreaded works ‘do’ as it says ‘yes I’m smart enough to wear a suave bit of woollen dogstooth/burgundy plaid of a night out but no I’m way am I going to wear a suit to this festive free-for-all‘ the epitome of smart casual if you will. So whether you’re all out at sea or a bit up in the air Hentsch Man will sort you out.






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