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It might currently be the height of the summer holidays but The Great Divide have got all your back to school/uni/I just really want a new bag bases covered with their latest drop from Herschel. Having been around since 2009, you probably know enough about Herschel that I don’t need to bore you with a brand history and what-not. Instead, I’ll just share with you that the name Herschel always reminds me of that American chocolate Hershey’s. Which is silly because Herschel aren’t even American; they’re Canadian.

However, whilst some of their bags are straight up unlikely-style-icon Hey Arnold’s schoolbag steez, others are pure hit the beach surfadelia. Both of which are a good thing, ticking enough of the right boxes to warrant carrying your stuff around in on your back whilst you are heading to a lecture/the pub on an all dayer and you need somewhere to put your Torrentshell as it looks like it’s clouding over. When it comes to other practical uses, Herschel have got you covered with different iPad sleeves (that I initially thought would make a good pencil case) and laptop cases.

Meanwhile, for the more grown up amongst us, there are more sensible options such as this all black everything Little America Backpack. They’re probably that bridge between a Kanken and a Sandqvist you’ve been looking for.

 black main black padding

black pink black detail

If you aren’t hard enough for that intimidating black, it also comes in a colour described as ‘Seafoam‘, which looks like it would taste of candy floss and can be worn to liven up a… hold on, we don’t tell you how to dress. Be your own man.

seafoam mainseafoam detail seafoam pink

If you enjoy walking up mountains in the 1970s or moderately steep hills with pubs at the top whilst wearing smocks and stuff, look no further. It a cyan and navy bag with leather details and that. Nice.

cyan maincyan detail cyan pink

There also some damn right loud offerings that can fit all things bright and beautiful in and are a million miles removed from that Mr. Serious Scally black one at the top. These stripes are sweet and also feature on the iPad-come-pencil case that I mentioned earlier.

Fill your boots. Or your bag, whatever.

ipad mini ipan mini detail laptop case laptop sleeve detail seafoam small stripe main

Herschel at The Great Divide 

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