Hestra Tricot Gloves at Peggs & Son

Remember last year when despite that massive jacket you bought your hands still kept getting dead cold? Remember you kept saying ‘right I must buy some gloves, this can’t go on, my hands are too cold and I can’t just keep them in my pockets all the time’? You didn’t end up getting a pair did you? Well this is a reminder that if you intend to avoid that horrible freezing feeling this time around then now is an ideal time to invest in some suave hand covers. Made in Sweden by one of the country’s oldest outerwear manufacturers Hestra are pretty much the Rolls Royce of gloves. Though unlike the well expensive car company Hestra’s tricot gloves are priced well within your grasp. Made from a combination of super soft deerskin and a warming woollen blend they’re perfect at providing protection from the harsh Scandinavian elements as well as being dead comfortable and incredibly cool.

Hestra up your hands at Peggs & Son here.


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