Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Vol. 3


This has to win the award for best book cover of the year/deer doesn’t it? It’s also totally safe to judge this particular book by it’s eye-catching cover as it’s positively brimming with the kind of contemporary surreal pop/street art that brings both a wry smile to the face and big nods of artistic appreciation. Think the Tony Hart Gallery but done by very talented grown-ups on amazing drugs. It’s actually a compilation of the stuff featured in Hi-Fructose magazine issues 9 to 12 with additional images and extended interviews not seen in the mags. Though there’s something for everyone here, the guy responsible for the burning antlers (Josh Keyes) and his post-apocalyptic nature scenes featuring bears, sharks and rabbits are without a doubt my favourite with Thomas Doyle’s Chapman-esque scale models a very close and creepy second.



hfcollect3-Tara-McPherson (1)

hfcollect3-Thomas-Doyle (1)

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