HI-TEC AW18 ‘Worst Days of Our Lives’

Massive respect to Hi-Tec for coming back with a witty and honest shoot that will make you chortle out loud and then think ‘actually they look alright them’ in equal measures. Their comeback campaign is a nod back to their 1980s heritage where shoes like the Silver Shadow were often overlooked by somewhat bigger sports brands amongst the footwear fascists in the playground, with Hi-Tec owners living life in the shadows quite literally. That said, as someone who got into trainers during this period whilst I’m not going to pretend that Hi-Tec were massively desirable back then thy did have their moment in the spotlight when obscure/genuine jogging shoes were ‘a thing’. I can clearly remember Silver Shadows being worn by the non geeky kids who only used the running track as somewhere to go for a B&H back then. Things change too and in these post, post modern days where everything is ironic and geek chic is still king I can see these tastefully coloured beauties going down a treat. Oh and if my memory serves me well, they’re also ridiculously comfy to wear too, now has anyone got an Embassy filter I can cadge before double Geography?

The collection will be available late August RRP £80.00 and will see the Silver Shadow re-released in a variety of colours such as Olive, Cool Grey, Black, and Rose.

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