Hikerdelic x Earthwell 16oz Steel Camp Cups

If you’re currently in lamenting over the news earlier this week that we’ve stopped making our plastic mugs then take solace in the fact that we’ve just made some steel ones via our brand Hikerdelic and our mates at Earthwell. Available in four different colours and in super limited numbers they’re perfect for slurping out of when you’re on the move or proudly displaying on your shelf when you’ve got your feet up. Made from tough af stainless steel but with no metallic aftertaste when you drink from it, they also come with a handy silicone loop handle and a S-biner clip for attaching to your pack once you’ve drank up and need to move on. Though the real cherry on the camp cup here is of course our laser-etched Hikerdelic logo that has pride of place of these technical tea holders and will really set you apart from the crowd when you start swigging from one.

Get a limited edition Hikerdelic x Earthwell Camp cup here.


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