Hikerdelic Accessories from Weekend(er)

Mug 1

Outside, there’s a pretty mental thunder-snowstorm raging. It’s proper snowing it down and it looks perfect for going trekking over the white hills – once it settles down a bit, anyway – and I’ve got back from doing the shop at Lidl and watching the match and sorting tea out and had a drink and finished doing other general weekend(er) faffing about. But by then it will be dark. Hmm, maybe tomorrow then.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to make do just having a right big sit down with a brew in one of these; the most hikerdelic mugs the world has ever seen. And Weekend(er) have got it nailed when it comes to chilled out, hikerdelic weekend accessories. I didn’t even know my weekend needed to have dedicated accessories but these are genius.

Look at those little sketches of blokes doing stuff like the aforementioned weekend faffing about. And the one of a bloke wearing a daft hat and cooking over a fire after dropping acid whilst listening to Neil Young. Just out of view is his missus, dancing on her own, biting her lip, with her eyes closed, waving around a branch that was meant to be used as kindling. Someone else has just taken their clothes off and walked out into the lake, trying to swim to Morocco for more supplies. But what if he’s had too much to swim? And he’s going the wrong way. Get him out. Get him out, quick…

Sorry, things just got weird. Stroke my hair and tell me everything’s gonna be alright.

Get some hikerdelic mugs, coasters, bandanas (right on) and handy little bags, via the Garbstore.

MugMug 2 Mug 3 Mug 4 Mug 5 Coaster Weekender Bag 1 Weekender Bag 2 Weekender Bag 3 Weekender Bag 5 Weekender Bandana 1

Weekend(er) at Garbstore


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