Hikerdelic Drop One

As we’ve been harping on about jackets for well over a decade we thought it was finally time for us to make one ourselves, so we have. Making up the first ‘proper’ drop of our Hikerdelic range are some brand new tees, stickers, mugs, hats (including some we’ve done with Long Shot), pin badges and a packable smock or ‘pock’ as I like to call it. Released just in time for the arrival of spring they’re lightweight yet made from tough ripstop and ideal for keeping the water off you whether you’re going raving or ding some caving, off for a bit of away-daying or doing some belaying. Oh and if you’re wondering who the heck we got to model our fine new garms they’re an ace new band called Fuzzy Sun from Stockport (like us) so get them checked out.

Shop the Hikerdelic Drop 1 collection here.


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