Hikerdelic Rugby Shirts

OK lets get all the rugby puns out of the way shall we?

Give these shirts a try.

Like playing rugby these shirts will ‘knock you off your feet’.

These will fit you even if you have odd shaped balls.

Erm… I don’t know much about rugby tbh.

However I do know that outside of large huddles of mens pulling each other’s shirts between their legs the rugby shirt has another life. A life where Snoop Dog, Oliver Reed and Wes Anderson get to rub stripy shoulders, all looking resplendent in their rugby shirts without so much as the smallest hint of mud, blood or grass on them. Inspired by these style icons and always looking for an excuse to make something cool and colourful Hikerdelic have produced a range of new rugby shirts in a variety of sublime colour combos. Made in Europe by a genuine sports company you can be safe in the knowledge that if you so choose, you could actually go out and play a game of rugby in one of these. You’re not going to do that though are you? You’re going to pop one on and just hang about looking terrific aren’t you? Fair play to you.

Buy a Hikerdelic Rugby shirt here.


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