Hiller Jacket from 6876 & Hanon


What makes a good jacket a bloody great jacket?

Is it the well thought out choice of technical fabric; that not only does the job it’s supposed to (keep you dry and keep you warm) but feels ace and doesn’t make you swelter like a spitroasted pig?

Is it in the clear and focused design; which delivers a coat that hangs well, a hood that is up there in the shortlist of ‘hoods of all time’, and looks top whether done up, unzipped, hood on or hood off?

Could be the details; the choice of zip, positioning of pockets, colour of the inner lining, length of drawstrings, or placement of press studded fastening.

It could even just be the brand: a heartfelt favourite, that’s grown as you have but maybe has held onto their principals more than you’ve been able to do with yours.

Well kids, I’ll be buggered if I really know, but in the case of the Hiller Jacket, it’s all of the above.  And this is some GREAT jacket.

H1hiller ex 2hiller ex 4

A collaborative project between Kenneth McKenzie’s 6876 label and Aberdeen’s Hanon-Shop the Hiller is a three quarter length jacket constructed in Portugal from Eta proof 100% organic Swiss performance fabric. It has a detachable hood, the likes of which I’ve not seen for a long time.  It should be wrong to get this excited by a hood.  But hell, it feels so right, I don’t care if I’m wrong.

The Lampo reverse coil zips are colour matched to the interior mesh lining, adding, what I believe the #menswear marketeers would refer to as, a ‘colour pop’. There are press studded fasteners at the top and base of the zip and drawstrings at the collar.  A double front pocket, adds interest and a place for hands when you’re in the mood for a mooch.  All finished with a Subtle bit of dual branding at the hem.


Forget going for average-outerwear; go for a ‘great-coat’.

Available in limited numbers now from SixEight76 store; and from 01/11/14 direct from Hanon-Shop.


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