Holubar Deer Hunter Jacket

If there’s a more autumnal jacket than this Holubar Deer Hunter parka out there today then I’d bloody well like to know what it is. A classic four-pocket parka that gained icon status thanks to Bobby De Niro wearing one in the eponymously named venison/Vietnam based film. Though it’s a great all round medium weight jacket that’s ideal for layering up or down depending on the erratic weather we get this time of year it’s the colour that makes it autumnal af imo. In a colour that can only be described (by me at least) as ‘pumpkin by the bonfire’ this is ideal attire for this leaf kicking time of year. Though don’t think you can’t wear it all year round or shy away from oneĀ  if you’re not into the darker months, I mean my name is Summers and I’ve got one.

Buy a Holubar De Hunter Jacket at Oi Polloi here.


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