Holubar Mountaineering hits the Lake District with Working Class Heroes

Established in 1946 in Boulder, Colorado, Holubar Mountaineering was founded by Roy and Alice Holubar. Their journey began designing, manufacturing, and selling outdoor equipment including soft-gear such as down-insulated sleeping bags. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the brand grew in popularity and today stands as one of the premier heritage outerwear companies.

Their most iconic silhouette is The Deer Hunter, a jacket made famous by Robert De Niro’s outfit in Michael Cimino’s film of the same name. To this day, the DH in ‘Dark Orange’ is a heritage classic, and Working Class heroes have collected a range of other colours, some hefty flannel shirts, and their Boulder Parka, designed for seriously cold weather this season. It’s getting a bit poky in the elements now as we move through November. Primetime for some massive jackets to get introduced to the Lake District. You should introduce the Deer Hunter to where you live, as well.

Shop the new Holubar collection at Working Class Heroes here.

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