Holubar: Deer Hunter Parka


To us jacket/film geeks this four pocket parka really needs no further introduction as Bobby De Niro already did the groundwork back in ’78 whilst hunting deer in an appropriately named film all about nam vets.

Outdoor gear doesn’t really come any more iconic or authentic as this astoundingly beautiful orange jacket that’s been made exclusively for Peggs & Son who have been doing some serious hunting themselves in order to track down the parka’s original manufacturer Holubar. Which has arrived just in time for our hunting season too though you probably won’t look quite as macho as Vronsky does if you end up tying a wood-pigeon to the bonnet of your Corsa. Still, you can at least still look the part in one of these mega jackets. Buy oneĀ Here.

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  1. Colour looks wrong, always thought it was Sierra Designs

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