Horween Leather Wallabees From Clarks Originals

Who’s the real star of Breaking Bad – the seminal US TV series, Twitter Wank-fest and sole reason for extending your month’s free subscription to Netflix?  I’d argue it’s not Hank, Jessie, Gus, Mike or even Greco-Roman like antihero Walter White himself.

Instead, it’s Wallabees and the the way Walter White wears ‘em.  Uncredited and ever-present throughout the 5 series the Clarks Originals Wallabee boot has accompanied Walt on his own highs (and lows).

I can’t be the only one cringing as I see Walt taking his maple suede Wallees deep into the New Mexico desert or cooking up his next batch in his black suede versions.  You’re not telling me that unprotected suede isn’t going to fall foul to sand scuffing and methylamine spillages.  What that fella needs is some leather Wallabee action; and what better version than the Horween leather ones Clarks Originals have introduced for A/W13.


The Horween Leather Company is a US institution, around since 1905 they are one of America’s oldest and most celebrated tanneries producing some of the “finest premium leathers for use worldwide”.  They make an ideal collaborative partner for Clarks Originals, with both priding themselves on “Skill & Craftmanship” and with authentic heritage.

Horween provide the leather for a range of limited Originals Wallabee boots in three different colours; Burgundy, Dark Green and this winner – Tan.


Made from the same leather used in the production of basket balls, the upper will provide ample protection for damp leaf kicking (or cooking crystal – whichever’s your bag) and is a material that’s only going to look better as it ages; unlike WW’s suede versions.







Available now from Clarks Originals Stockists and online from soon.


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