HUF Tees at Commonn

“Oh, by ‘eck, he’s writing ’bout white t-shirts again. Why dunt he just write about coats and jackets, Neil?”

“A-knoww, he’s done it ’bout 50 times altogevoh. Are they even sound, Mark?”

“Actually, yeah. They’re decent.”

“Sorted. Leave ‘im to it.”

“Nice one.”

Sorted and nice one, indeed. I’ll be honest, I’ve always though of HUF as something that stoners and college kids wear to Nandos, especially their snapbacks. I am not one to bear a clothing label grudge, however, and therefore really like these white tees. The simplicity of the ‘Burst’ logo tee and the idea of advertising your selling of hallucinogens for a fiver, are both very sound and decent options in an ever growing choice of white t-shirts. The third one even looks like your printer has sneezed on your chest.

Which is sound.

HufLSDTeeWhite1 HufBurstTeeWhite3 HufLSDTeeWhite3 HufBurstTeeWhite2 HufBurstTeeWhite1HufSplatterBoxTeeWhite1HufSplatterBoxTeeWhite2



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