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Now then; watches. Clocks for your wrist. Mark has already shared the need to start growing up by getting a card holder-wallet-thing, well, it’s probably time you got a watch as well. You might be like me and use your phone as a time piece but that’s just a faff. You might also be like me, in that, if you have a watch you usually break them. You’ll do well to break these Hypergrand watches though. Their straps are made of fabric. Even I can’t break fabric.

I can’t promise you won’t leave it somewhere though – but then that isn’t my fault is it.

Coming all the way from Singapore – the land of, erm, slingers, skyscrapers and The Empire – Hypergrand are designed by a former aerospace engineer and “strive to create products that are not bound by age old conventions that leave classics as the status quo” and “look forward to the day that the classics of our time are recognised”.  If all that still applies now that they have launched a heritage range, I don’t know, because it isn’t entirely clear what they mean. What I do know is that these are a more than affordable alternative to the other entry level watches currently available at all your usual places – and most definitely better than any effort in H. Samuel’s window down at the shopping centre.

The Bigsby (pictured first) combines a clean and classic face with a flecked polka dot strap that’ll wear well with anything. Just look at that face; it’s simpler than Ralph Wiggum and nicer than a cold glass of Vimto on a hot sunny day. The Rorschach, named after those psychological tests that you see on telly where they show someone some paint splattered on a piece of paper and ask what it reminds them of, is kind of like Hypergrand’s darker, moodier second album when compared to the simpler, lighter Bigsby debut. If they were a band and not a watch manufacturer.

But less of the confusing metaphors. If you like them, get one from Street Casuals. They have some older models in too.







Street Casuals

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