Infinities: Saucony Originals ‘Cavity Pack’


“OK, nice looking trainers but why the Helen of troy are they called the cavity pack?!” I hear you cry out in the dead of night, frightening your missus and making next door’s cat fall off the fence in the process. Well this duo of trainers have nothing to do with Dutch customs officers and more of a ying-yang dental theme going on. First up comes the Shadow “Black Razz” packing a tooth destroying punch of black liquorice leather and raspberry ice-cream suede. So to combat this cavity-creating colourway comes the Shadow 5000 “Minty Fresh” like an icy blast of palate cleansing trainer mouthwash. These ace 80s runners add a whole new meaning to owning a sweet or fresh pair of trainers, they’ve also reminded me of Leila K’s feat. Rob n’Raz ‘Got to Get‘ too for all you euro hip house fans.

Got to get yourself a pair of them HERE.









  1. brilliant mixes! just found them 3 weeks ago (since i started riunnng) and every run i listem to fantasia. i just love it and makes my riunnng experience really emotional (good emotions!!) so thanks so much for what you do. Susie xx

  2. Good looking products – shame they are going to be fucked over by such crap outlet. So much so that nobody will want them in a couple of months. But hey take your short term profits while you can.

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