Infinities: Stone Island Micro Reps Down Jacket


Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s dead hot, who needs to go abroad, have another calippo etc. etc. but what about big lovely Italian jackets eh? This weather is absolutely useless for us coat geeks isn’t it? Well given that we live in Great Britain and it’ll be snowing in a couple of weeks I’m planning ahead and hooking myself up early doors with this spectacular down parka from Stone Island. It’s like a Woolrich arctic parka but about 72% better due to it’s sheer Italian-ness and all the extra little attention to detail type bits. Look at those buttons, check out that neck fastening, that coyote fur trim, those zips, the embossed buttons, that pocket. Whack the air con up and pass me a diet Sprite I’m wearing this now.

Buy yourself one HERE from Infinities.







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